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Industrial Electrical Heaters

High amount of heat is used in several industries for manufacturing purposes. Heating is one of the driving components in each application, whether it's removing leftover moisture from a part's surface, drying a coating on cable assemblies, or preheating metals during a forming process. Industrial electrical heaters are the ideal technology for carrying out these activities. Electric heaters for industrial use are not the same as regular heaters. Size, quality, shape, power, and functionalities all differ. Industrial electrical heaters in India are a common choice in industrial heating applications because they offer advantages such as increased equipment life, safer operation, and system integration.
There are many types of things you should consider while buying a good industrial heater that fit your needs. Some of them are:

Different electrical heaters use different medium to heat objects depending upon their application. They are two types of heaters depending upon their medium of use: Water heaters and Air heaters. Water heaters are gas, oil, or electric-powered appliances that heat water for domestic and commercial usage. The term "air heater" refers to a device that heats the air. They include forced air heaters as well as radiant and space heaters of various types. More concisely defined types of air heaters include duct heaters, enclosure heaters, forced air heaters, heat torches and flame heaters, radiators, space heaters and room heaters, and tubular heaters. And there are five main types of water heaters; conventional, tankless, heat pump, solar, and condensing.

Method of Heat Transfer
There are three types of heat transfer methods and choice of heaters depends on the requirement of the procedure to be followed. The material used to transport this heat varies greatly and can use one or more of the following three methods:

  • Convection- Convection is a heat transmission process in which thermal energy is transferred through a fluid or material. The fluid or medium generates a forced or free-flowing convection current. The most popular convection heaters in the market are Flange type immersion heaters and Rod Immersion heaters
  • Radiation- Thermal radiation is a form of heat transmission that is done indirectly. Thermal energy is transmitted through electro-magnetic waves in this way. Raising an item above absolute zero produces thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which travel through the surrounding gases, fluids, and solids. Infrared heaters are the most used radiation heaters across all industries
  • Conduction- The flow of thermal energy over a solid object is known as thermal conduction. When an energy source is delivered directly to a solid item, the molecules in that substance begin to vibrate at a greater frequency, transferring that energy to the molecules nearby. Some Convection heating systems are ring heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic band heaters etc.

Physical Properties

  • Material to be heated- Consider the physical and chemical properties of the material to be heated. This is the first question you should ask yourself before buying any electrical industrial heater.
  • Alloys- A heating system is made of different alloys and they are chosen to withstand certain chemical environment. You need to choose the heating system with alloy that fits well into the conditions of the processes. A huge blunder can sometimes cause industrial accidents.
  • Temperature- Heaters are designed to serve up to only a particular heating temperature range. The heater should be capable enough and reach your temperature guidelines.

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