Industrial Electrical Heaters

Ring heaters and its features

Ring Heaters

Ring heater as the name suggests is round/oval shaped heating system that have chrome steel sheath on the one side and bare refractory on the other side. Because of their practical shape and size, these Ring Heaters (also known as Sheaters) are easily adaptable to a variety of machinery and appliances that other types of heaters are not appropriate for. They're utilized for a wide range of heating applications, including melting adhesive wax, readily fusible metals like lead tin solder, and so on. Furthermore, it is also used in high-speed packaging equipment, diffusion pumps, kettles, huge coffee percolators, wash boilers, and sealing packaging machines.

Installation & Precautions of Ring Heaters for Manufacturers

  • Always use the largest possible number of heaters in order to reduce the density in Watt per
  • Ensure the base of the surface is flat for maximum thermal contact with the heating elements.
  • The heaters should be invisible in such a way that they ratings, instructions and product details are easily visible in case of after-sales service or any faults.
  • Install heat insulation to avoid excess heat loss but do not directly against the element.
  • Use heat resisting wires for electrical connections. Protect lead exit from contaminations by electrically conductive substances, mechanical shock, excessive flexing, excessive temperature & moisture.
  • Use crimped lugs of appropriate size and construct it so that no strands are loose. Shall be tightened with appropriate torque so that there is no loose connection.

Heat Source's half and fully sheathed ring heaters are built in the same way as our high- density strip heaters are. Heat Source Ring Heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any sort of heating requirement. They also have a wide range of applications for surface heating.