Things to consider when buying Short Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

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Things to consider when buying Short Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

Short Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

Short wave quartz infrared heaters are used in various industrial applications. It contains a helically wrapped tungsten filament contained in a quartz envelope. Short wave quartz infrared heaters are utilized in industrial applications where quick heat generation is required. As the name suggests, these heaters function on infrared waves that are known to generate big amount of heat in a shorter span of time. Electromagnetic waves are used to convey heat from one point to another.

Advantages Short Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters Short wave infrared heaters have a radiant efficiency of 92 percent or higher, which means that only 8% of the energy produced is used to heat the air. That's why short wave infrared warm surfaces first and foremost, they provide good coverage for open spaces. The working range of relatively low-powered heaters can be surprisingly vast when paired with well- designed and well-made parabolic reflectors.
Short wave infrared heaters also have the benefit of providing fast heat because maximal efficiency is reached within one second of turning on. Because they travel through the vacuum to radiate off surfaces like the sun's rays, they are great for spot heating with no pre-heating necessary, even in places with air flow. They are frequently placed on timers or proximity switches because their ability to turn on and off instantly saves energy. Their energy.
Short wave infrared gives a slightly brighter ‘ambient’ glow when compared to Medium wave because it is the closest to the visible part of the light spectrum. Visible light accounts for 6% of the energy emitted, and recent improvements to combat the objection of harsh light; have lowered this by gold coatings on the quartz tube and/or other color reflectors. In comparison to Medium or Far infrared, the nature of radiant efficiency means that reflectors are wider and parabolic, allowing for bigger areas of coverage for the same wattage.

Applications of Short-Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

  • Plastics
  • PET preform heating in Stretch blow molding machines
  • Powder coating curing
  • Resins Hardening, Rubber coating drying
  • Adhesives - End polymerization
  • Food - Pasteurization / Sterilization
  • Paper Industry - Humidity Control
  • Industrial Drying - Paint, Varnishes, Dyeing
  • Semi-Conductor Industries - Heating of wafers
  • Printing - Printing ink drying in screen and offset machines

Types of Short-Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

  • Short wave infrared lamp:
  • Short wave infrared module:
  • Twin tube short wave infrared heater:
  • Star Filament short wave infrared heaters:
  • Special short-wave infrared heaters
  • Mounting clamps for infrared heater

Because infrared heat is more energy efficient than other heat sources because it acts rapidly and directly on objects, it is ideal for all applications where achieving high temperatures in the shortest amount of time is critical.
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