Things to know about Ceramic band heaters

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Things to know about Ceramic band heaters

Ceramic band heaters

Ceramic band heaters are designed with spirally wound inner resistance coils evenly threaded through interlocking insulated ceramic “tiles”. The ceramic core, or “mat” of tiles is housed beneath a stainless-steel sheet with serrated edges. The notched edges fold over to fasten the ends, and the tiles are secured by a protective inner liner (which must be removed after installation). The Ceramic Band Heater's combination assembly provides a versatile heating system with efficient conduction and radiated heat transmission. The Ceramic Band's heat comes from the inner coils, which conduct heat at high temperatures. The heated coils distribute heat evenly to the ceramic tiles, which then radiate energy to the barrel. Ceramic Bands are available in a number of styles, from conventional to custom. When choosing a ceramic heater, choose one that best meets the wattage requirements, since this will reduce the frequency of cycling and temperature overshooting, extending the heater's life. Reduce the overall operating wattage by about 15-20% when replacing a non- insulated heater with a ceramic band heater.

Benefits of ceramic band heaters:

  • At high temperatures and voltages, excellent dielectric strength is achieved.
  • Good Interlocking capability for a more rigid construction
  • Allows for heater widths to be adjusted in 1/8" increments.
  • Internal coils are less likely to be damaged during shipping and handling, making the heater easier to mount on the pipe.

Mainly used for Heating Machines, shapes & tools of the plastic processing industry such as:

  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Blow Molding Machine
  • Extrusion Line

Ceramic Band Heaters by Heat Source are created to address industrial demands for high- temperature, long-lasting heaters. They're perfectly adapted to today's new plastics, which necessitate ever-higher process temperatures.

Specifications of Heat Source Ceramic Band Heaters

  • Inner diameter - 80 mm to 300 mm
  • Width - 35 mm to 300 mm
  • Supply (Volts) – Any convenient Voltage under the precondition that it should be technically feasible.
  • Power (Watts) - Any convenient Wattages up 40 W / Sq. inch.