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What are the functions of Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters?

Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters

Infrared waves are part of the sun's natural light spectrum, but they don't cause any major damage since they don't include UV energy. An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature that uses electromagnetic radiation to transmit energy to a body with a lower temperature. Infrared heaters can work in a vacuum or in the presence of air. There are three types of infrared heaters: Short-wave Infrared Heaters, Medium Wave Infrared Heaters and Long Wave Infrared Heaters.

Among this, Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Heaters are excellent for surface heating and for drying coatings paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives and in the processing of plastic sheet and films. They are available in Clear or Opaque Quartz Tube with gold or ceramic reflective coatings that focus the emitted energy onto the substrate. Helically wrapped resistance coils are utilized in Medium Wave Infrared Heaters, which are housed in pure vitreous silica fused quartz tubes. The ceramic insulating caps at the ends of quartz tubes are particularly developed and connected to the tube using high-temperature cement somas, allowing the tubes to breathe.

Some of the unique features of these heaters are:

  • Medium wave emissions do not penetrate as deep into substrates as shortwave. The emissions are readily absorbed by water films, plastics and many solvents.
  • Medium wave quartz infrared heaters perform exceptionally well in continuous operations due to their extended life.
  • Medium wave infrared heaters are available, as individual units or wired together in numerous emitter cassettes, often known as IR Modules.
  • The Screw Connection with Ceramic Cap to Protect the Terminals is the standard end connection of the Medium Wave Quartz Infrared Heater.

The Medium wave Infrared Heaters are used in:

  • Shrink Packaging Machines
  • Drying Textiles
  • Lamination Industries
  • Rubber Curing

Heat Source Infrared Heaters, Ceramic Infrared heaters, Quartz Infrared heaters, Short Wave Infrared heaters, Finned Infrared heaters, Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared heaters and Quartz Infrared heater Elements instantly provide heat as soon as they are turned on. High-frequency heat waves penetrate the air without warming it, with no loss caused by draughts or from the heat rising.
Due to the construction and design, Heat Source offers the most comprehensive 'full shortwave' heating solution, directing heat uniformly outwardly and supplying heat where it is needed. Furthermore, the heaters can be put high up in interior places while still delivering warmth where it is needed.